Sept 25, 2015. Gasworks Arts Park. Melbourne

Theatre People

by Tom Bensley




June 1. 2014. Ding Dong Lounge. Melbourne

Criminal Indifference

by Daniel Oh



June 19, 2014. Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Space Theatre.

The Clothesline

by Michael Coghlan



June 19, 2014. Adelaide Cabaret Festival.
Space Theatre.

The Barefoot Review

by Samela Harris



June 20, 2014. Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

Space Theatre.

 On Dit

by Max Cooper


June 19, 2014. Adelaide Cabaret Festival.
Space Theatre.

Adelaide Now, The Advertiser

by Tim Lloyd









September 2015.   Adam Not Eve

Chat with Cecilia Low

Interviewd by Dean Forte


September 2015.   Spook Magazine

Betty Davis: They Say She's Different

Words by Letica Brown




April 2014.   Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Adelaide Cabaret Festival TVC 2014

Adelaide Festival Centre


May 2014.   Rhythms Music Magazine.

The  Music of Betty Davis

Interviewed by Christopher Hollow (@doughboyhollow) 



May 2014.  Radio Triple R. Melbourne

Radio interview with Chris Gill for  GET DOWN



May 2014.  The Barefoot Review

They Say She's Different

Interviewed by Samela Harris



May 2014.  On Dit

Cecilia Low

Interviewd by Max Cooper





Cinematographer:   ADRIAN PRICE  blog

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